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C&J policies and procedures

The health, safety, and welfare of each member of our team as well as their family members and our community and customers is a high priority for C&J Grass and Things. We are closely monitoring the outbreak and have responded as stated in the policies below. The situation is evolving and dynamic, so our response to it continues to change.

We strongly encourage all staff to wear a cloth mask, scarf, or bandanna while out in the community, which includes grocery stores, gas stations, and other essential services. If a worker’s mask is off at any time during the day, 6 feet of distance between others is recommended. Masks must be worn at the customer's request and may not be removed while in a shared space. Staff should avoid touching the face and wash hands any time a cloth mask is removed, applied, touched, or adjusted.

Staff who are sick may not report to work until cleared by a qualified medical professional. Staff who suspect they have been exposed or test positive for the Corona Virus must quarantine and seek medical assistance as detailed by CDC guidelines. For additional information, please refer to

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